** Most Kookaburra products are available in 1-gallon size, 
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Kookaburra Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash is a water based woolwash designed specifically for sheepskins and woolen products.

This concentrated shampoo contains lanolin and tea tree oil, as well as an American made, and EPA approved, bacteriostat.

This wash product does not contain any enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, or alkali. Kookaburra Woolwash is highly recommended for the laundering of many household products including: Medical sheepskins, car seat covers, wool blankets, woolen garments, wool blend fabrics, and sheepskin boots, as well as fleece, comforters, pillows, down garments, and delicate washables.

Kookaburra Wash contains Lanolin and Tea Tree Oil. A pure Plant-based laundry concentrate for Hand & Machine Washables.  Kookaburra Wash combines the natural deodorizing power of Tea Tree Oil with the conditioning and fiber enhancing qualities of Lanolin. Together they efficiently clean and extend the life of your washables.  Kookaburra Wash is ideal for all your washables, including woolens, fleece and down pillows, sleeping bags and sheepskin products.  Because our products contain no harsh chemicals your garments will look new longer. Kookaburra products contain no enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, or alkali which makes them perfect for people with skin sensitivity. 

Our Special Conditioners make adding fabric softeners to your laundry unnecessary. Our conditioning agent, based on Coconut and Jojoba bean oils, enhances the luster and softness of all fibers.

K01A -- Kookaburra Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash, 2 fl oz bottle  $2.75

K01B -- Kookaburra Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash, 16 fl oz bottle  $11.95

K01C -- Kookaburra Sheepskin Shampoo and Woolwash, 1 gallon jug   $65.95

Kookaburra Delicate combines the natural deodorizing power of Tea Tree Oil with the fresh scent of Lavender Oil.  Together they work to gently clean and extend the life of all your washables.  Kookaburra Delicate gently cleans and brightens lingerie, hosiery, silks, woolens, and baby clothes and is safe for all your laundry needs.  

K03A -- Kookaburra Delicate, 2 fl oz bottle  $2.75

K03B -- Kookaburra Delicate, 16 fl oz bottle  $11.95

K03C -- Kookaburra Delicate, 1 gallon jug $65.95

Kookaburra Power with Tea Tree Oil & Natural Orange: A pure plant-based deep-cleaning concentrate formulated to remove stubborn grease and stains.

Kookaburra Power combines the natural deodorizing power of Tea Tree Oil with the grease cutting power of Orange Oil. This pure, plant based, multipurpose cleaner will effectively tackle every household chore. Kookaburra Power does it all without the harsh use of chemicals.

Use Kookaburra Power in your bathroom, kitchen anywhere in your home, try it in your car, boat or even steam clean carpets. To clean your windows to a streak free shine we recommend using a 100% cotton cloth. Kookaburra Power is safe to use on any washable surface.  You can even use Kookaburra Power as a pre-stain treatment on fabric before washing with Kookaburra Wash or Delicate.

K04A -- Kookaburra Power, 16 fl oz bottle  $11.95

K04C -- Kookaburra Power, 1 gallon jug   $65.95

Kookaburra Woolscouring Formula concentrate (use 1-2 oz to 1 lb of raw fleece)

This fine washing concentrate is a nonionic surfactant that is enhanced by an anionic dispersant with softening properties. It contains no enzymes, phosphates, peroxide or alkali, and is fragrance free.

K02A -- Kookaburra Woolscouring Formula concentrate, 16 fl oz bottle $11.95

K02C -- Kookaburra Woolscouring Formula concentrate, 1 gallon jug $65.95

K05 -- Pump for 1 gallon jug, any variety $4.25

 **Due to the weight of Kookaburra  products, we charge actual shipping costs plus a $2.00 handling fee on every order that includes Kookaburra products.  Please call or e-mail before ordering so we can quote your shipping and handling charges.**

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