Drive band (cotton) - one size fits single drive or double drive

S101 -- $2.75

Turbo kit. Stretchy drive band

S31 -- $18.50

Umbrella swift (metal and plastic)

S58 -- $90.00

Wood upright swift

S32 -- $152.00

Lazy Kate

S33A -- Vertical Style  $30.90



Competition Lazy Kate, Tensioned

Stainless steel bobbin pins are removable.  Four rubber feet prevent slipping or tipping.  Made from Silver Beech hardwood with a rich lacquer finish.

S33-D -- $66.00

Maintenance kit - essential parts

S34 -- $26.00

Spinning oil: Dispenser bottle of oil used for spinning wheels. 15 mL

S35 -- $9.95

Threading hook

S36A -- Wire  $2.75

S36B -- Wooden (Joy), Lacquered  $14.95

S36C -- Wooden (Elizabeth Style),  unfinished $11.50

Finishing wax polish

Protect and restore your spinning wheel with this easy-to-apply wax finish. 75 gm screw cap pot.

S60 -- $15.00

Sampler Niddy Noddy by Ashford

Niddy noddy makes a small 36" (90 cm) skein or hank.  Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with removable ends.

S63 -- $26.50

Standard Niddy Noddy by Ashford: Fine quality wood designed by Ashford. Makes 1.5m (5') skeins.

S48 -- $28.50

Jumbo Niddy Noddy by Ashford: Fine quality wood designed by Ashford. Makes 2 m (78") skeins.

S49 -- $42.0

Skeiner2 (free-standing) 

Kiln-dried Silver Beech.  Tensioned and adjustable, for effortless skein winding. Holds or makes skeins from 1-2 meters (39"-78"). Lacquered only.

S50-A -- Lacquered $235.00


Niddy nosty (By Cascade Spindle Company): combination niddy-noddy & nostepinne

S63 -- $50.00

Nostepinne (By Cascade Spindle Company)

S64 -- $25.00

Wristaff (By Cascade Spindle Company)

S65 -- $25.00

Ball winder

S55 -- $39.90

Yarn Gauge

Lacquered wooden gauge made from New Zealand Silver Beech with leather loop.

S68 --  $7.50

Fringe Twister

S108 -- $55.00

Brake Band, nylon

S109 -- $2.00

Tension Spring

S110 -- $2.50

Flyer Hooks (packet of 12)

S111 -- $6.00

Maid Upright Set

S112-A 1/4" flyer bearing-rear split -- $18.75

S112-B 1/2" flyer bearing-front -- $18.75

Sliding Hooks for Sliding Hook Flyer

S72-B 14 mm for Standard and Jumbo SHF (pair) -- $15.00

S72-C 25 mm For Joy 2 Freedom Flyer (pair) -- $22.00

S72-D 25 mm for Country Spinner 2 (pair) -- $28.00

Allen Key/Hexagonal Wrench, 4mm

S69 -- $3.00

Joy Flyer, includes top shaft

S67 -- $49.50

Kiwi Flyer and whorl

S117 -- $65.00

Whorl for Double Drive Flyer

S118 -- $18.50

Whorl for Elizabeth 2

S119 -- $17.75


Prices are subject to change without notice. Unless advised otherwise, all shipments will be made at current price.

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