Standard flyer unit (for Traditional, 1 bobbin)

S11 -- $210.00 

Basic jumbo flyer unit
(Single Drive)

S12 -- $110.00

Double drive flyer unit (for Traditional, 1 bobbin)

S14 -- $228.00

Quill spindle

S19 -- $82.50 

Flyer for Traditional or Traveller, single drive

S20 -- $57.00 


Flyer, double drive and whorl

S21 -- $80.00 

High speed double drive whorl only

S59 -- $18.50

Kiwi Super Flyer Kit

Huge 27 mm (1 1/8") orifice with free-flow yarn guides on sliding hook flyer. Includes 3 super-size (500 gm) capacity bobbins, a lazy kate, and new drive belt. Kiwi Super Flyer will fit all Kiwi and Kiwi 2 spinning wheels.

S73A -- Flyer, 3 bobbins, & lazy kate, Unfinished $260.00

S73B -- Flyer, 3 bobbins, & lazy kate, Lacquered $350.00

Sliding Hook Flyers


Fill your bobbins evenly with the squeeze-and-slide stainless steel hook.  Graphite fiberglass arms make this flyer light and strong.  The yarn is controlled in the hook as you spin.  Update your Ashford Traditional, Traveller, and Elizabeth spinning wheels.  The flyer is available unfinished or clear lacquered and includes one bobbin.

Single Drive and Jumbo Single Drive with 4 speeds

Double Drive and Jumbo Double Drive with 3 speeds

   Single Drive Sliding Hook Flyers

For Ashford Traditional and Traveller Wheels

S61-A  Single Drive Unfinished $114.00

S61-B  Single Drive Lacquered $154.00

S61-C Jumbo Single Drive Unfinished $122.00

S61-D Jumbo Single Drive Lacquered  $170.00

  Double Drive Sliding Hook Flyers 

For Ashford Traditional, Traveller, and Elizabeth 2 Wheels

S62-A  Double Drive Unfinished  $138.00

S62-B Double Drive Lacquered  $175.00

S62-C Jumbo Double Drive Unfinished  $145.00

S62-D Jumbo Double Drive Lacquered $185.00

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