Border Leicester Roving: White and natural-colored.

F04B -- $20.00/ 4 oz

Llama Roving
: Variegated

F22 -- $6.20/ 1 oz

  Jacob Combed Wool Top 


F05 -- $10.80/4 oz 
Light Gray Swaledale Combed Top

F07 -- $10.80/4 oz

  New Zealand Corriedale Carded 30 micron Wool Sliver in Natural Colors 

F08A --  $4.30/ oz

F08B -- $13.65/4 oz 

01-White 03-Medium Gray
02- Light Gray 04-Dark Gray


NZdyedsliver3.jpg (14987 bytes)NZdyedsliver2.jpg (20709 bytes)NZdyedsliver1.jpg (22180 bytes)    

Dyed Corriedale Carded Wool Sliver. 
Quality 30 micron wool ready to spin, weave, or felt.

Each color available in 1oz or 4oz package. Contact us for pricing when ordering larger quantities.

01-Moss 16-Smoke 31-Apricot 46-Pansy
02-Navy 17-Copper 32-Mint 47-Raspberry
03-Marigold 18-Camel 33-Cupcake 48-Tangerine
04-Fir 19-Lima Bean 34-Sweet Pea 49-Cherry Red
05-Eggplant 20-Chocolate 35-Honey 50-Amethyst
06-Pumpkin 21-Blue 36-Butterscotch 51-Fern Green
07-Teal  22-Green 37-Toffee 52-Orchid
08-Lilac Haze 23-Magenta 38-Olive 53-FluroLime
09-Nutmeg 24-Orange 39-Aubergine 54-FluroOrange
10-Sky Blue 25-Purple 40-Candy 55-FluroPink
11-Rose 26-Turquoise 41-Indigo 56-FluroYellow
12-Berry 27-Yellow 42-Lagoon 57-FluroBlue
13-Periwinkle 28-Red 43-Lime 58-Fog
14-Black 29-Cherub 44-Lavender  
15-Chili Pepper 30-Ice 45-Lemon  


F09A -- $4.30/ oz

F09B -- $13.65/4 oz


Corriedale Stripey Wool Sliver. 
120-Spring Mornings
123-Summer Days
121-Autumn Dusk 124-Natural Fusion
122-Winter Nights  

Quality 30 micron wool ready to spin, weave, or felt.

F19 -- $18.00/4 oz

  Rainbow Dyed English Leicester Wool (32-38 microns)

 F29 -- $12.00/ oz

Dún a Sí Farm Dyed Fiber Packs - "Fantasy in Color"

Pre-packaged sets of dyed 100% wool sliver in attractive color combinations perfect for felting or spinning. Each pack contains approximately 6 oz of Dyed Corriedale Wool Sliver.

Click HERE to view a complete list of Fiber Packs.

K01 -- $38.00/pack

  NZ Merino carded sliver in natural colors (approx. 22.5 micron)

F10A -- $5.25/oz        

F10B -- $17.00/4 oz                  

01-White 03-Medium Gray
02- Light Gray 04-Dark Gray


White NZ Merino carded sliver (19 micron)

F20 -- $18.00/ 4 oz             

Dyed Ashford Merino Sliver (approx 22.5 Micron)
Excellent wool for use with Needle Felting projects! 

Each color available in 1oz & 4oz package. Contact us for pricing when ordering larger quantities.

01-Moss 19-Lima Bean 33-Cupcake 47-Raspberry
03-Marigold 20-Chocolate 34-Sweet Pea 48-Tangerine
04-Fir 21-Blue 35-Honey 49-Cherry Red
06-Pumpkin 22-Green 36-Butterscotch 50-Amethyst
07-Teal 23-Magenta 37-Toffee 51-Fern Green
08-Lilac Haze 24-Orange 38-Olive 52-Orchid
09-Nutmeg 25-Purple 39-Aubergine 53-Fluro Lime
11-Rose 26-Turquoise 40-Candy 54-Fluro Orange
12-Berry 27-Yellow 41-Indigo 55-Fluro Pink
13-Periwinkle 28-Red 42-Lagoon 56-Fluro Yelow
15-Chilli Pepper 29-Cherub 43-Lime 57-Fluro Blue
14-Black 30-Ice 44-Lavender 58- Fog
16-Smoke 31-Apricot 45-Lemon  
18-Camel 32-Mint 46-Pansy  

   F11A -- $5.25/ 1 oz

   F11B -- $17.00/ 4 oz

Ashford Silk/Merino Blend Sliver (approx. 22 micron)

A sumptuous blend of 20% Silk / 80% Merino

098-Black Currant 106-Spice
099-Pomegranate 107-Damson
100-Mango 108-Vanilla
101-Field of Rye 112-Storm
102-Woodland 113-Sunset
103-Ocean 114-Sorbet
104-Mulberry 115-Gemstone
105-Poppy Seed  

           F17 -- $6.20 / 1 oz
F17B -- $19.50 / 4 oz


 NZ Merino/Bamboo 80/20 Carded sliver (White). Luxurious blend of fiber that's great for dyeing, as the plant and animal proteins take the dye differently.

F36 -- $16.40/ 4 oz

NZ Merino/Linen Carded Sliver 80/20 blend (natural White)

F37 -- $15.65/ 4 oz

  Merino Superwash Sliver (natural white)

F12 -- $17.00/4 oz

  English Herdwick Wool Top

F13 -- $10.80/4 oz

  Karakul Wool Top

F14 -- $10.80/4 oz

  Brown Welsh Top

F15 -- $10.80/4 oz

  White Welsh Top

F16 -- $10.80/4 oz

NZ Romney Carded Sliver (White)

F18 -- $12.00/ 4 oz

NZ Perendale Carded Sliver (White)

F19 -- $13.00/ 4 oz

Norwegian (Gray)

F30 -- $10.80/ 4 oz

Shetland, Moorit - (Red-Brown)

F31 -- $10.80/ 4 oz

Bluefaced Leicester

F32 -- $17.00/4 oz                  

A -White C -Black
B - Oatmeal  

English Leicester Locks, washed, white

F33 -- $8.00/ oz



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