2 speed Drum Carder.   Made by Ashford. Assembled and lacquered. Adjustable drums for all fibers. Includes packer brusch, cleaning brush, doffer, and clamps. The two speed ratios 6:1 and 4:1 give flexibility for carding and blending.


S37B -- Fine Teeth  (72 pt)  $655.00

S37C -- Super Fine Teeth  (120 pt)  $675.00

Wild Drum Carder.  Made by Ashford.  Fine, 4" width.  Prepares 40 gm (1 1/2 oz) batts.  Extra long 72 ppsi teeth, adjustable drum clearance, rubber feet.  Assembled and lacquered. Includes packer brusch, cleaning brush, doffer, and clamps

S103 -- $560.00

Extra Wide Drum Carder. Made by Ashford. 12" width. Produces a massive 3.5 oz batt (100gm). Comes with 72 ppsi teeth. 2 speeds - 4:1 and 6:1. Adjustable drum clearance. Assembled and lacquered. Includes packer brusch, cleaning brush, doffer, and clamps Weighs 18.5 pounds.

S105 -- $750.00

Blending Board Made by Ashford. Create your own beautiful unique colour and fiber blends ready to spin or felt. 108 point card cloth with a large 30 x 30cm (12 x 12in) blending area. Convenient carry handle. Includes blending brush, two dowel rods, and keel.

*picture courtesy of Ashford*

S107 -- $195.00

Handcarders (pair): Top quality, made by Ashford  

S38A -- Wool (72 pt)  $69.00

S38B -- Cotton (108 pt)  $72.00

S38C -- Student (72 pt)  $82.00

S38D -- Small, (fine, 72 pt)   $54.00

S38E -- Small, (superfine, 108 pt)   $56.50


Flick carder (single)

S39 -- $24.00

Blending Board Brush, lacquered

S44 -- $30.00

Awl for doffing drum carder

S40 -- $23.00

Cleaning Brush for Drum Carder, lacquered

S105 -- $32.50

Packer Brush:  For the Standard Drum Carder.  The adjustable packer brush will smooth, control, and pack more fibers onto the drum to make a thicker batt.  Helps control fine fibers.

S104 -- $65.00

Drive Belt for Drum Carder, Polycord

S115 -- $18.00


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