Ashford Spindles

Drop Spindles from Ashford

Made from silver beech hardwood, these drop spindles by Ashford are portable and well-balanced, making spinning easy and fun for novice to expert.

S42A -- Student style drop spindle *New design*   $14.90


S42B -- Classic Style (weight:  3 oz)  $22.50


Turkish Spindle.jpg (17933 bytes)S42E -- Turkish Spindle - (weight: 1.8 oz.)  $41.00


Top Whorl Spindles from Ashford

Made from silver beech hardwood, these top whorl spindles by Ashford are well-balanced and spin like a dream.

Top Whorl Spindles are available in a range of sizes.  

  S106 -A -- Top Whorl, 90mm (3žins), 80gm (2žozs) $27.50

S106-B -- Top Whorl, 80mm (3⅛ins), 50gm (1žozs)  $26.50

  S106-C -- Top Whorl, 70mm (2žins), 35gm (1źozs) $25.00

S106-D -- Top Whorl, 60mm (2⅜ins), 20gm (žoz)  $23.50

S106-E -- Top Whorl, 50mm (2ins), 15gm (˝oz)  $23.00

Drop Spindle Collection from Ashford

Collection of five top whorl spindles comes complete with stand.  Weights from ˝ oz. to 2 ž oz. 


S43 -- $137.00

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