Ashford Wool Dyes

Ashford acid exhaust dyes are available in 12 colors as individual pots, 3 different collections and 4 different cold pad dye kits. Same colors as DYE10

* Easy to use and SAFE, the dyes comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100*

Ashford acid exhaust dyes. Rich, vibrant colors for all protein fibers. 100% concentrate, easy to use. No chemicals needed. 10gm of dye with 10 tablespoons of vinegar will dye 1 kg (about 2.2 lbs) of fiber. 

Individual colors available in 4 sizes


01-Rust 05-Scarlet 09-Blue
02-Brown 06-Hot Pink 10-Navy
03-Green 07-Purple 11-Black
04-Yellow 08-Teal 12-Emerald 

    (A)  $9.00/10 gm pot                 

    (B) $24.00/50gm pot

    (C) $96.00/250gm pot

Ashford wool dye collection (same colors as DYE-10)

12 - 10gm pots (one each color of DYE-10).  Comes with a color card and instructions.

DYE11 -- $90.00

Rainbow collection: 3 Ashford acid exhaust dye colors combined in one collection for your convenience. One each scarlet, blue, and yellow.


(A) 3 colors each in 10gm pots $31.00

(B) 3 colors each in 50gm pots $72.00


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